Firewood Factory is the home to Waikato’s largest firewood operation. All of our products come with a 100% money back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence knowing that your satisfaction is our main priority.

✓  100% Money Back Guarantee on all of our products
✓   Free delivery to nearly all  the Waikato
✓   No hidden costs or surcharges
✓   Multiple payment options: Credit Card, Mobile Eftpos, Afterpay Bank Transfer or Cash
✓   All of our delivery crates are volume certified by MBIE
✓   Family owned and operated business
✓   Custom firewood sizing to suit your fireplace
✓   All wood is screened to ensure you only receive top quality firewood
✓   Modern delivery fleet all fitted with hydraulic tippers
✓   Free cover provided over dry wood if needed
✓   GST Registered, all prices include GST
✓   Clear communication and an eta window of one hour for your delivery, given the evening prior


We are two young families who have combined forces to create Firewood Factory Ltd. Our operation has been established to provide a professional large scale firewood service to the wider Waikato area.
We have invested heavily in the latest wood processing technology and commercial infrastructure in order to deliver the highest quality naturally seasoned firewood year-round. 

All of our wood is screened prior to delivery to ensure every order is of the highest quality, cleanest burning, and most efficient wood available to keep you cozy and warm this winter.


  • We never store wood on dirt, grass or anything but concrete 

  • We screen all of our wood prior to delivery to remove any debris or smaller bits that have broken off through the drying process. 

  • We have our dry wood stored undercover in a custom built 1600 m2 shed, which can hold up to 6000 cube of dry firewood.

  • NZ law requires anyone selling firewood to have the delivery vehicles measured and certified by MBIE, to ensure you get what you pay for in terms of volume. We carry this paperwork with us in our delivery vehicles at all times. 

  • Our Firewood is all naturally seasoned, we strongly believe that naturally seasoned wood can give a longer burning time, without the environmental implications of running a Kiln, and running the risk of getting the moisture content in kiln dried wood too low, to the point where it just burns far too fast. With the inflated prices associated with Kiln dried wood, we have the perfect solution for you in our naturally seasoned range of products 

'Would highly recommend these people. Great service and the wood is awesome. Will be ordering from these people again for sure. Thank you guys and gals’



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